Welcome and Introduction

Yotsuba Society, or by our full name as The Society for the Study and Preservation of Yotsuba Channel is a website devoted to documenting and preserving the history of the imageboard/*chan culture/scene.

The site is made out of frustration of several issues. First, much of the information regarding the *chan culture by the mainstream media and other sources either concentrate on the sensational or the mainstream aspects of the website on the internet and the real world, but not going deeper in the real content of the site. Second, many resources for channers are either limited, incomplete for regular users to regularly use as a base of operations, or too focused on one particular board or imageboard. Finally, is the fact that much of the history the Culture has remained undocumented as the site for far too long. The establishment of the website is an end result of this frustration.

Yotsuba Society has three purposes to address these issues. First, is to document the history and culture of the Western Imageboard Culture via news and original articles. Second, preserving the memory and legacy of the western imageboard culture by finding and archiving threads from other channers. And finally, providing a second home of sorts for not only 4channers but for all channers of the various imageboards via it’s imageboards.

We currently have a front page with articles about the Western Imageboard Culture. A wiki created dedicated to the Western Imageboard Culture and the history of the culture. And a set of imageboards for the discussion of the site’s articles, the Western Imageboard Culture, and for other topics. But in the future we want to provide a comprehensive thread archive database that you can submit threads to, we’re going to add movies related to the community, complete press coverage history and analysis, and more... We want this website to the electronic gathering place of sorts of channers of all types and walks of life.

Our historians and people are happy to answer questions, even if they've already been answered in our site FAQs or existing documents but you need clarification on them. Please feel free to contribute anything to the website; we'll add them as soon as we can.

Best regards,
The Society for the Study and Preservation of Yotsuba Channel (Yotsuba Society)