An America Where SOPA/PIPA is reality

Imagine an America where the internet is history. When I mean history I mean like a time capsule. No more innovation, no more evolution, just dead. No more forums, no more freedom of information, no more true interaction. All dead because corporate media despite earning record amounts of profit and revenue want to control the internet the same way they did to radio, broadcast television, and cable/satellite television. An America without a true internet: Just television and radio, one way communications.


Briefing - 2011 /r9k/ and /new/ Diaspora

A Diaspora is a dispersal of a large cultural group via an external force. Often times a diaspora can result in the same groups of people moving from one place to multiple places outside their original home. This type of diaspora however is instead of regular people, it involved 4channers. Similar to what occurred on /b/day but different as it involved two boards. There was short term and long term consequences to the diaspora, and these consequences are still felt in the chanverse today.

A brief introduction of /r9k/ and /new/


Report of Joint Operations between US Marines and US Rangers against the Russian Federation Army.

Author's note: The following is a work of satire and commentary of the game war between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 between EA Games and Activism. This article does not mean any intent to disrespect any active, reserved, or retired solider in the United States Armed Forces or the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


Like Fish: Why Anime Conventions Can’t Last for More Than Three Days

With the Fall-Winter convention season upon us you may be wondering why anime conventions only last for three days? More specifically, why anime conventions only last for only three days and two nights? That time frame is more than enough for all activities an average anime convention can offer, such as anime viewings, panels, workshops, video gaming, and various other main events. So why can’t anime conventions people want to extend the entire event from three days to four days (or even more)? It’s not because of economic reasons or resources: Here’s the real reasons.


Note Regarding admin savetheinternet

Since Late Spring of 2011 the Society and me personally has been harassed by a person that I knew since the Chris Beer spam incident. That person is savetheinternet, or by his full name “Michael Foster”, an Australian who owns and administers and the Datenode irc network. The sad truth is that he actually supported the Society’s goals and objectives. However at the same time he revealed his true colors in the past six months.


Yotsuba Society News Update 10-30-2011

It’s been a long time since I made a news update. I think the last one was about June or July, I don’t know. But a lot of stuff has changed, good and bad. The Society has discovered a whole list of Japanese imageboards that no one in the Western World has heard of. We got raided a couple of times by an attention whore who actually runs a decent chan site. Got new staff and already made a decent show of work and skill. And yes, The Second Channel and Third Channel was finally published.

The Third Channel

As the Founder of Yotsuba Society, it's a great pleasure that I'm finally publishing The Third Channel to the Yotsuba Society Front Page. Along with the Second Channel, this paper should have been published months ago before Otakon 2011. However, various complications prevented that from happening. And again, I have to finish what I've started. And just like The Second Paper, it's in a downloadable PDF file.


The Second Channel

As the Founder of Yotsuba Society it's a great pleasure that I'm finally publishing The Second Channel to the Yotsuba Society Front Page. It's been a long time coming. As a matter of fact, this paper should have been published months ago. I was planning to have it published before Otakon 2011, but due to various complications it was not possible. In the end, I have to finish what I've started. But I have to thank Ottre and IsharaYar for helping me with these papers.


The Burial of the Illusion of Rules One and Two

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is further confirmation that rules 1 and 2 has been buried when it came to /b/tarded armchair oldfags who hate seeing people with Guy Fawkes masks. These rules are merely a culturally imposed illusion on the fact that imageboards are usually underground zones where normal people are not allowed unless they like being flamed, or seeing gory pictures. Rules 1 and 2 originally started as both a in joke when raids from 4chan’s /b/ gotten popular, instead some people as usual took it too seriously.


YS Archives Update for October 10, 2011

It’s been a while since I uploaded a large batch of 4chan threads to the Yotsuba Society Archives. The first batch of threads was from my collection of 4chan threads I’ve saved in 2008. With a few exceptions they’ve been exclusively 4chan related. The first batch was fine to upload with me myself doing the basic html work, but it took me about three or two weeks to get the files public because I had to do them by hand one html line at a time. Uploading the files are easy, but the main issue is creating the html links.



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