The /sp/ Super Bowl 2012 threads, now available to download.

Missed the 2012 Super Bowl? I did, I was more into collecting threads about the 2012 NFL Super Bowl than actually watching it. Besides I don't watch much TV and since I'm hopelessly unemployable there's no need to watch a sporting game advertising me stuff I can't buy.


Alternatives to Scared Straight

A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight has recently finished a third season of episodes in various prisons and county jails across the United States. For those who do not know, Beyond Scared Straight is based on the award winning reality documentary Scared Straight! It featured a group of juvenile offenders going into Rahway State Prison in New Jersey with real criminals called “The Lifers”, basically scaring the kids who have peer-socialized apathy syndrome straight with the realities of prison life.


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