Yotsuba Society Archives - 4chan files (UPDATED: 10-14-2013 with MEGA Links)

As per the last new article, a copy was made weeks before the uploads were done as a insurance policy just in case something like this happens. Now that same copy has transferred into a .rar file containing 25,000 or 4chan threads, some of them dating back from 2003-2004 and most of them from 2007 to August 2013. It basically has everything the 4chan section of the YS Archives have except for the moot video archive (which you can easily find it elsewhere).

Here's the magnet link to the entire shebang:


RIP Yotsuba Society Archives March 2011 - 8/29/2013

It is with sadness that the Yotsuba Society Archives is closed and will remain closed for the long-term foreseeable future. On 8/29/2013 we were given a notice from Dreamhost that I have 48 hours to remove the entire archives of the site or they will terminate the entire account hosting the site. It was an immediate ultimatum, no opportunity to negotiate or to do anything. Sadly, while they have an unlimited policy, the have a provision against any archives for any reason. It took me days to delete the entire archives which it took me previously an entire week to upload on Late 2012.


Important notice: Routine archival of all image boards has ceased

When Yotsuba Society was first launched, I was the only person who was routinely archiving 4chan and other image board threads manually with Firefox and DownThemAll. I've been doing this since 2008. It was a lot easy for me since I was in university, and most of my social life outside of anime conventions, cinema movies, and university events were in my dorm room watching British television I've downloaded off the internet and reading and saving 4chan threads I was interested. At the time it was only around 20 boards, and I can easily view and read them all and just save them.


Two panels, Two Powerpoints

Shortly after the creation of the Yotsuba Society Websites in 2011 I applied to do a panel for Katsucon 17. The panel was called “The Imageboard World”. It was held by me, my co-founder Xantar, Charizard, and another person called Nostalgia. I was a basic panel about imageboards, a few pictures here and then of the front pages of the *chans, and one stage about “Stages of a Channer” from one of my articles. A few people attended, and for some reason Katsucon liked my panel.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– Yotsuba Society Releases Archives of Various Imageboards

The Society for the Study and Preservation of Yotsuba Channel

Yotsuba Society is pleased to release archives of four Western Imageboard websites which were collected from 2010 to 2011. Some of the threads date back from 2009, and for all intents and purposes rare and hard to find. The boards range from railway discussion to anime/general otaku subjects to general random discussion. The boards that the archives have to offer are as follows:


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