The Russian Chanverse Part 2 – A Brief history of the Russian Chanverse (as told by antithesis and wakabaka)

The following is a textlog from #YotsubaSociety IRC room at rizon at 3/13/2013, featuring two Russian channers “antithesis” and “wakabaka” giving us an introduction into the history of the Russian chanverse. The textlog also includes some things that I did not knew about: Such as the true admin of the original Russian 2-ch.ru before it was closed down without warning. So here’s our full textlog.


The Day 1chan.ru came

On February 28, 2013, I’ve uploaded a video of my third panel to Katsucon entitled The Imageboard World 2 – The Chanverse. A few weeks after the video was uploaded on YouTube the first comments came. Most of them came from reddit from r/4chan and r/cringe. Many of the comments were overwhelming focused on the presentation and the autism of the speaker and not on the actual content of the panel.


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