The Russian Chanverse Part 2 – A Brief history of the Russian Chanverse (as told by antithesis and wakabaka)

The following is a textlog from #YotsubaSociety IRC room at rizon at 3/13/2013, featuring two Russian channers “antithesis” and “wakabaka” giving us an introduction into the history of the Russian chanverse. The textlog also includes some things that I did not knew about: Such as the true admin of the original Russian before it was closed down without warning. So here’s our full textlog.


A Briefing on - The Russian internet culture encylopedia or /lm/ was originally founded as a place for culture and memes. Now it encompasses the broad runet subculture. This is in comparsion in Enccylopedia Dramatica’s focus on internet drama in the United States. More specifically in one of’s articles it’s a “Russian-language encyclopedia of folklore and subcultures. Serves as a guide to the concepts and terminology of Russian cultural life in all its manifestations” It’s userbase is over 50 million.


The Imageboard World 2 – The Chanverse at Katsucon 19

For third time in a row in Katsucon, I’m personally pleased to announce that we are back with the third panel that Yotsuba Society has held in an anime convention. The panel will be a lot detailed (and enjoyable) than the previous panel. Not only will we update you with what happened after the last panel, we will give you more expanded information on not only 4chan, but the English chanverse, and the international chanverse, especially the large and unknown Russian chanverse of as well.


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