The Complete History of 4chan

The YSwiki had a ongoing timeline of major events that occured on 4chan from 2003 to 2012. It was based on the former Wikichan's The Complete History of 4chan which had a timeline of events from 2003 to 2007. I picked up on the timeline added events from 2003 to 2012. Sadly the YSwiki was down due to rampant spamming from leetchan. But other sites picked up on the project. But I managed to did a few updates on the timeline and I can finally present it to you on this website via a PDF document.


The Imageboard World 2 – The Chanverse at Katsucon 19

For third time in a row in Katsucon, I’m personally pleased to announce that we are back with the third panel that Yotsuba Society has held in an anime convention. The panel will be a lot detailed (and enjoyable) than the previous panel. Not only will we update you with what happened after the last panel, we will give you more expanded information on not only 4chan, but the English chanverse, and the international chanverse, especially the large and unknown Russian chanverse of as well.


Two panels, Two Powerpoints

Shortly after the creation of the Yotsuba Society Websites in 2011 I applied to do a panel for Katsucon 17. The panel was called “The Imageboard World”. It was held by me, my co-founder Xantar, Charizard, and another person called Nostalgia. I was a basic panel about imageboards, a few pictures here and then of the front pages of the *chans, and one stage about “Stages of a Channer” from one of my articles. A few people attended, and for some reason Katsucon liked my panel.


Origins of Anonymous: The Faces of Anonymous Part I

Yotsuba Society published an article called "Origins of Anonymous" a three part series about the origins of Anonymous from a channer pespective, net-character perspective, and from a stand-alone complex perspective. There was a whole set of images to be published here during the articles publishing era, but I did not had the time to get a full series of images onto the website until now. Many of them are from my personal collection of over the years of channing. This will as the ongoing series of the final part of Origins of Anonymous called "The Faces of Anonymous".


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– Yotsuba Society Releases Archives of Various Imageboards

The Society for the Study and Preservation of Yotsuba Channel

Yotsuba Society is pleased to release archives of four Western Imageboard websites which were collected from 2010 to 2011. Some of the threads date back from 2009, and for all intents and purposes rare and hard to find. The boards range from railway discussion to anime/general otaku subjects to general random discussion. The boards that the archives have to offer are as follows:


The Third Channel

As the Founder of Yotsuba Society, it's a great pleasure that I'm finally publishing The Third Channel to the Yotsuba Society Front Page. Along with the Second Channel, this paper should have been published months ago before Otakon 2011. However, various complications prevented that from happening. And again, I have to finish what I've started. And just like The Second Paper, it's in a downloadable PDF file.


A Briefing on Futaba Channel

Futaba Channel was created during the August crisis of 2001, when 2channel was in danger of being closed down due to overwhelming server load due to the ever expanding use from the media coverage. 2channel made two responses to the crisis, this and another one preserving the textboard coming from UNIX. In order to differate itself from, the admin created a url to While started as a textboard refuge for anime, manga, video game, and other varied otaku it transformed into an imageboard due to a need to share images without using off-site hosts.


The Second Channel: 2channel - Part I

The following is part one of an ongoing series on the largest anonymous textboards (any by extension the largest forum on Earth.), 2channel. Because of the large amount of news coverage 2channel has received over the years by not only the Japanese but by the international media, it’s impossible to summarize 2channel in a simple 3-5 page article. Not only that there are pieces and full articles covering the website via magazines and blogs. The scope of 2channel is so large, that it’s impossible to determine the scale of its true size.



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