Everything you want to read about Nurse-Kun plus more.

On February 20th, the day after the Katsucon convention, a person and head archvist by the name of Lawrence Wu sent me an email about Bibliotheca Anonoma, a website that is working to archive all the best content from the general internet along with its history and in jokes into a Gollum/Git-based wiki you can clone onto a usb drive or easily make a mirror of. It's featured here:

There was another subject of the email he sent me: It’s about Nurse-Kun.


4chan, we want to preserve your Yotsuba Archivers!

On Saturday, July 2, 2011, has transferred the /a/ archive to However from a source close to Yotsuba Society, it appears that is planning to close down its archival site for good. If it’s true, then an entire history worth of threads from /g/, /sci/, /lit/, and /tv/ may be gone forever. In addition /co/ has also been removed from the green-oval archives as well.


All 4chan 2008 Threads Are Now Available

Yesterday marks a milestone for the Yotsuba Society Archives. That milestone is that all the 4chan threads I have uploaded on the archives are now viewable. You may notice that the titling of the threads are not completed yet, but that’s fine. The immediate goal of the archives is to get them listed and viewable. That way I can go through the backlog of threads that were sent to me by the various Historians and Archivers, Yotsuba Society currently has.


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