The Second Channel

As the Founder of Yotsuba Society it's a great pleasure that I'm finally publishing The Second Channel to the Yotsuba Society Front Page. It's been a long time coming. As a matter of fact, this paper should have been published months ago. I was planning to have it published before Otakon 2011, but due to various complications it was not possible. In the end, I have to finish what I've started. But I have to thank Ottre and IsharaYar for helping me with these papers.


A Briefing on 2channel

2channel is the largest anonymous forum in the world, where Japanese people can reveal their inner feelings and their true side in complete anonymity. 2channel contains 837 boards of every subject imaginable in Japan, categorized into about 41 broad subjects. Each board has its own culture, memes, resident posters, yet bound together with the common 2channel culture. The site is very powerful that the Japanese Government, businesses, and law enforcement monitor the site for their own various reasons.


The Second Channel: 2channel - Part I

The following is part one of an ongoing series on the largest anonymous textboards (any by extension the largest forum on Earth.), 2channel. Because of the large amount of news coverage 2channel has received over the years by not only the Japanese but by the international media, it’s impossible to summarize 2channel in a simple 3-5 page article. Not only that there are pieces and full articles covering the website via magazines and blogs. The scope of 2channel is so large, that it’s impossible to determine the scale of its true size.


The Origins of Anonymous Part I

There exist three forms of anonymous. The first form represents the legions of internet users who visit anonymous imageboards and textboards such as 2ch, 2chan, 4chan, and similar internet sites in the Western World. The second form is a personification of the internet users, who represent no identifying race, skin color, or gender. Finally, there is the stand-alone complex, which is like an organization, but it has no true command structure or true standard operating procedure. Each one of these forms merit examination on an anthological level.


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